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Source:Linyi Mall Qiwo Building Materials Company Lacated  Date:2018-5-19
Core hints:Precautions for construction of rock wool insulation board.
The following points should be noted in the construction of rock wool insulation board:
1. There should be no leakage of the thermal insulation facilities and pipes of the rock wool board, and the surface is dry, no grease, no corrosion in the orange and orange conditions, so as to be good for anti-corrosion, suitable coating can be taken.
2. Rock wool board in order to achieve minimum heat loss, docking board and felt all connectors must be very close together, in each cross multi-layer insulation joint should be staggered, so as to avoid formation of thermal bridge, in the cold when necessary to eliminate cold bridge.
3 rock wool board products for outdoor insulation or where vulnerable to mechanical wear appropriate USES metal or plastic wrapping, and pay attention to the joint seam sealing, when it is necessary to add glue to seal, the parcel layer overlap is not less than 100 mm.
4. The rock wool board shall be used to protect the cold surface and the moisture-proof layer. In the case of extremely low temperature, the non-resin-containing rock wool should be used for insulation, and the moisture-proof layer must be fireproof.
5. When the rock wool board temperature exceeds 200 ℃, the insulation must be suitable jackets, such possible inflation won't make the thickness and density change.
6. For large diameter or wall heat preservation equipment with rock wool board products, more than 200 ℃ when should add insulation nails, (distance 400 mm) to guard against.
7. When the thermal insulation object is placed vertically, the insulation layer must have a positioning pin or supporting ring, and the spacing should not be more than 3 meters, so as to prevent the insulation material from sliding down when there is a vibration.
8. It is not suitable for outdoor thermal insulation and cold construction to be carried out on rainy days.
It is likely that the use of rock wool will not be effective if it is used in the construction of the thermal insulation board.