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Source:Linyi Mall Qiwo Building Materials Company Lacated  Date:2018-5-19
Core hints:The benefits of overlaying the rock wool board?
Rock wool board of use, so why rock wool board need superposition use, because if you use a layer of rock wool board for sound insulation, can make a big gap between plate and plate, leading to poor sound insulation effect, rock wool board if the stack is used, the original layer is divided into two layers, make no gap between plate, so as to achieve better heat preservation effect.
Using different weight of rock wool board and together, forming the form of bulk density gradually increase, can obtain a larger sound absorption effect. For example, a cotton board with a layer of 5cm thick 100kg/m3 and a cotton pad with a thickness of 2.5cm thick and 32kg/m3 is better than a layer of cotton board with a layer of 5cm thick 100kg/m3. The 100kg/m3 glass wool board was made into a 1m-long section with triangular shape, and the material surface density gradually increased, and the average sound absorption coefficient was close to 1. Glass wool is to use the centrifugal technique, the molten glass fibrosis and thermosetting resin as the main environmental protection formula of binder for processed goods, is composed of only a few microns in diameter of glass fiber production of elastic glass fiber products, and we can according to the different requirements of customers choose moistureproof cover online composite. Rock wool board because of its large number of tiny air gap, make its heat preservation and heat insulation, sound absorption, noise reduction and safety protection etc, is building heat preservation and heat insulation, sound absorption materials of mania. Advantages, technology, compression packaging after the rebound rate of 99.2%. The soft and elongated glass fiber of the rock wool board reduces the construction of flying catkins.