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Source:Linyi Mall Qiwo Building Materials Company Lacated  Date:2018-5-19
Core hints:Application advantage of glass fiber absorbing board in modern architecture.

Glass fiber sound-absorbing board is a kind of high quality, reliable construction products can have the effect of noise reduction, decoration, and the performance of glass fiber sound-absorbing board is stable, can use a long time, meet the requirements of modern architecture interior decoration.
Glass fiber sound-absorbing board has excellent mechanical performance, light weight, after the impact, not like some of the brittle material, will produce debris or brittle block, this glass fiber sound-absorbing board installed in the air, can avoid the risk of falling, improved the security of the indoor decoration.
Fiberglass sound absorbing board also has the characteristic of environmental protection, formaldehyde release quantity is less, accord with relevant environmental protection standard, accordingly, can be used directly in interior decoration. In addition, the appearance of the glass fiber sound-absorbing board beautiful sex is very high, its colour diversity, have different modelling design, can be directly as decorative material, also can do it according to the needs of different spraying processing, eliminates the layer board with sponge or soft bag fabric of glass fiber, glass fiber sound-absorbing board so adornment sex is very high, can have very good adornment effect for architecture, for people to create a comfortable, healthy and safe living environment. The fiberglass sound board is closer to nature and is harmless to the human body and can create a quiet and comfortable working and living environment.
Because of the light weight, the fiberglass sound absorbing board also has great advantages in construction. During handling and installation, the labor burden of the workers is relatively light, which can provide the efficiency of construction. Besides, it is easier to cut and cut the fiberglass sound board, which can be cut according to the specific construction situation during construction, and the construction effect is better and more convenient.
The main function of glass fiber sound-absorbing board or sound-absorbing, compared with the common building materials, its sound-absorbing function by the attention of people, in line with the modern people to the requirement of living environment, especially now that the noise is more, the environment is noisy, using glass fiber sound-absorbing board can effectively improve the noise environment, create more quiet and comfortable environment conditions.
In short, the fiberglass sound absorbing board has great advantages in modern architecture, both in noise reduction and decoration.