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Source:Linyi Mall Qiwo Building Materials Company Lacated  Date:2018-5-19
Core hints:Performance analysis and application effect of fiberglass sound absorbing board.

Glass fiber sound-absorbing board is a kind of sound-absorbing performance is good, beautiful sex higher plank product, is made of high quality glass fiber materials, there will be no needle dust, will not from respiratory tract enters human body, avoid the harm to human body.
The fiberglass absorbing board is composed of composite fiber and network structure, which can greatly improve the impact resistance and deformation resistance of fiberglass.
Glass fiber sound-absorbing board structure is the three-dimensional cross mesh structure, internal space is enough, firm structure, can improve their ability of sound-absorbing noise reduction, compared with common sound-absorbing board sound-absorbing effect can improve 1-2 times, while internal add moistureproof agent and auxiliary moistureproof agent, not only increased the surface of the fiber resistance, stable effective cementing agent, to maintain the strength of the glass fiber sound-absorbing board, also can adjust the indoor humidity, improve the indoor environment.
Glass fiber sound-absorbing board with nanometer antibacterial agent is inside the plate, can effectively mouldproof, sterilization, antibacterial, thereby expanding the application range of glass fiber sound-absorbing board, make it can be applied to the requirements of antibacterial, sterilization of aseptic environment.
With the addition of expanded perlite with fire protection and insulation function, it can effectively reduce the cost of refrigeration and heating, and meet the requirements of modern people for energy saving and consumption.
Fiberglass sound absorbing board is also very beautiful, can be made into different shapes and colors, so that different places can meet the requirements of decoration, more applicable.
Fiberglass sound absorbing board is used in office space, meeting room, movie theater, office building and so on. It can play a good sound absorbing function and has good decorative effect.