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Source:Linyi Mall Qiwo Building Materials Company Lacated  Date:2018-5-19
Core hints:The appearance of the fiberglass ceiling.

Modern people pay more attention to architectural decoration, not only aesthetic requirements, but also higher requirements in indoor environment. Fiberglass sound absorbing ceiling is a kind of common decoration material in interior decoration now. It can be used as decorative material, and it is also a kind of building material product with better sound absorption effect.
The adornment sex of glass fiber sound absorbing ceiling, mainly reflected in its color and shape.
The color of the glass fiber sound-absorbing ceiling is rich, common have white, blue, green, yellow, red, etc., different colour collocation are together, very beautiful, such as glass fiber sound-absorbing ceiling in the figure, have white, red, green, black, blue, etc., different colors of sound-absorbing board hanging up to a certain order, give a person a kind of visual aesthetic feeling, won't appear pull disorderly, this design also has distinguishing feature very much, can improve decoration effect, has a sense of fashion, and lively.

Glass fiber sound-absorbing board in shape is also very diverse, besides comparing the rules of rectangle, square, round, pentagon, etc., it can also be made into irregular shapes, such as glass fiber sound-absorbing ceiling in this picture is a three-dimensional structure, it looks like a pair of white wings, installed on the ceiling, looks like a flock of birds flying wing, full of spirituality, it is glass fiber sound-absorbing ceiling in adornment advantage.

Now production technology of glass fiber sound-absorbing ceiling, sound-absorbing board color more diversity, not only in shape also more abundant, so it can play a better decoration effect, so as to create a better living environment for people.