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Source:Linyi Mall Qiwo Building Materials Company Lacated  Date:2018-5-19
Core hints:PVC 3 guard board now price how do PVC clean board sell well?
However, with the frequent fluctuation of the domestic real estate market, the price of PVC tripod has also changed a lot. Many of the ceiling manufacturers are looking at export markets.
But the price of the export market is similar to that in China. So how should the ceiling manufacturers position their products to earn a satisfactory profit for themselves?
The first step is to avoid vicious competition and ensure the quality of your products. With the popularity of online sales, users can always find more suppliers. If the manufacturer
There is no guarantee of the quality of the product, only the price of the sale, then the total loss of repeat customers. Especially in the face of overseas markets, this will not only lose its reputation, but also.
It will destroy the trust of overseas users and create vicious cycle.
Secondly, we should control the production cost reasonably and improve the profit margin. The cost of control is not to use cheap, low-quality raw materials, but to reduce them through strict management.
Production costs. For example, reduce the breakage rate of the product, use the PVC film with high quality, control the reasonable use of glue, improve the quality of employees and reduce the quality of products caused by human error.
Quantity problem. Now many ceiling manufacturers manage very extensive, the raw material consumption is very large, which directly leads to the increase of cost.
Thirdly, it is necessary to use the quality of the rigid PVC sanding mechanical equipment. This can improve production efficiency, reduce the consumption of raw materials, and save electricity and easy operation. Different mechanical equipment,
The use of glue, the rate of the sawing board, the speed of sealing side, the effect of packing is different.