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Source:Linyi Mall Qiwo Building Materials Company Lacated  Date:2018-5-19
Core hints:About the performance advantages of the fiberglass ceiling.

The glass fiber sound absorbing ceiling is a kind of sound absorbing material, which can be effectively alleviated for the serious problems of modern city noise, so as to create relatively quiet and comfortable environment conditions for people. The glass fiber sound absorbing ceiling has excellent characteristics in addition to sound absorption. It has outstanding characteristics in environmental protection, heat preservation and bacteriostasis.
1. Environmental performance. The glass fiber sound-absorbing ceiling USES high quality super fine glass fiber material, does not contain lead, mercury and other harmful substances, also has no smell, both environmental protection and safety. Now the fiberglass sound-absorbing board has been included in the standard design atlas as a new generation of sound-absorbing products.
2. Comfortable and thermal insulation. The glass fiber absorbing ceiling is made of ultrafine fiber and natural basalt fiber. These two materials are good materials for insulation and heat preservation. Therefore, the glass fiber sound-absorbing ceiling can impress the effect of constant temperature, constant humidity, effective separation between indoor and outdoor and chamber temperature and humidity, can be designed according to different places, save energy, and create a comfortable environment conditions.
3. Antibacterial, glass fiber sound-absorbing ceiling using superfine fiber materials, fine and long fibers, not water, organic matter and microbial can't production and develop in the inorganic matter, product sealing side, closely around the finish is smooth and not gather dust, fiber is longer, more soft, not falling fiber. On the back, fiberglass fabric is used to encapsulate the air conditioner.
4. Decorative. Fiberglass sound absorbing ceiling is not only superior in performance, but also prominent in decoration. The color of the glass fiber sound-absorbing ceiling, modelling diversity, can according to the needs of decoration, making special-shaped plate and curved plate, to provide more space for designer, satisfies the requirement of the design style of more.
It can be seen that the performance of the glass fiber sound absorption ceiling is stable and reliable, and the decoration is good, which can improve people's living environment and create more comfortable and healthy living conditions for people.