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Suspended Cloud

Brief introduction:Suspended Cloud
Suspended Cloud


Shape Size mm Thickness mm LEVEL vertical
300x300   600x600  1200x1200 30/35/40
300x600   600x1200   1200x1800 30/35/40
Ф300 Ф600 Ф1200 30/35/40
300x600    600x1200 30/35/40
600x600  1200x1200 30/35/40
300   600  1200 30/35/40
1170x1170 30/35/40
600x1200 30/35/40



NRC         0.85  (GB/T16731:1997)
Fireproof Rate     A (EN13501:2007)
Reflectance rate      85%
Moisture Resistance      RH99


Applicable Place

Fiberglass acoustic ceiling has the properties of good forming, small volume density, thermal conductivity, thermal insulation, good sound absorption, corrosion resistance and stable chemical performance.

Fiberglass acoustic ceiling has good sound absorb quality ,it can better control and adjust room reverberation time,Reduce noise and improve sound quality,It is mainly applicable to the places where the acoustics are required to be strict, such as cinema, recording studio, studio, radio, business office, conference room, studio, concert hall, auditorium, gymnasium, etc.