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Gypsum Ceiling

Brief introduction:Gypsum Ceiling
Gypsum Ceiling


                              Tegular 24mm T                                                Bevel Tegular Edge 15/24mm T                      Square Edge 24mm T


595x595x7.5mm 595x595x8mm 603x603x8/9mm 595x595x14mm 603x603x14mm
Color Design
White Design
Package 10 pcs/ctn 10 pcs/ctn 10 pcs/ctn 8 pcs/ctn 10pcs/ctn



NRC         0.4  (ISO354:2003)
Fireproof Rate    A (EN13501:2007)

Applicable Place

Gypsum ceiling has A class of non-combustibility, natural environmental protection, easy installation, thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance, chemical stability and other properties.Gypsum can absorb indoor air moisture, can automatically adjust the indoor humidity, enjoy the natural air conditioning the laudatory name, is mainly used in the conference room of residential, office buildings, shops, hotels, industrial workshop and so on.